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    this never happened before but now whenever I reset the phone and it comes back on the screen is on but I can't do anything. the phone is idle for 2-3mins, and there is a red "t" where the crosshairs normally are. in about 2-3mins the radio automatically turns on and then I can use the phone and the crosshairs have a red slash thru it,but if I go out and then back to the phone app, the crosshairs are ok, and the red slash is gone.what is this,how can I change it?
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    Your phone is scaring me. . .
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    I know,it's scaring me too....i think I read somewhere about the red T,but can't find anything on it,someone please help...!!!
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    The Red T means you have TTY/TDD enabled. But I don't know why you're getting all the other activity. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljj8503
    I know,it's scaring me too....i think I read somewhere about the red T,but can't find anything on it,someone please help...!!!
    Yep.....Your phone is scaring me too....The red "T" has 2 meanings. 1st is like Insertion said. The other meaning, according to Sprint, is the phone is in a "timeout" while it searchs for the network. The red "T" will be acompanied by a red "X" in the crosshairs.

    A friend of mine had this happen to his Treo before it had a radio failure and could no longer access the network. The PDA part of the phone still worked great though.

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    well I just checked and TTY/TDD is not enabled,so it must be something else.....hope it's not the radio like the previous post stated...i'll keep a close eye on this.....
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    I finally figured it out.....YAHM was causing this issue!! what happened is I had YAHM set up to turn on automatically w/o the prompt after a reset,but for unknown reasons this was causing a conflict with the radio because it's trying to turn on directly after a reset too, so after the phone resets YAHM would initialize and lock which would confuse the radio.....and then the T......??so now I just have YAHM to prompt me 5secs,that way the radio has time to come on and then YAhM can kick in......this indeed has been a strange problem.....the smallest things it seems can cause the biggest problems......thanks anyway to people who tried to help.....!!
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