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    This problem was almost so simple to solve it hurts. But, I wanted Marc to be aware because there is an easy fix in Chatter that would eliminate this "problem":

    Problem was that I have wanted copies of sent and deleted items moved to my Sent Items and Trash folders respectively if sent or deleted from Treo 650. In Chatter, I checked the options to have a copy of sent and deleted items sent to... and used the drop down list provided in Chatter to select the appropriate folders. When I use Chatter to select from the loaded folder list, I got the following:

    INBOX.Sent Items


    Chatter has the Inbox labeled "INBOX" but in Fastmail it's labeled "Inbox". I selected the ones in Chatter spelled "INBOX" a long time ago assuming it wouldn't make any difference... I assumed if it did make a difference, Chatter would have labeled it correctly ;-) I have spent quite awhile trying to figure out why my sent/deleted items don't propogate to their respective folders in my Fastmail account.

    Today, I downloaded b51 and tried send/delete to ensure I was having the same problem and I was. I then happened to notice the case difference between what Chatter called the Inbox (INBOX) and what it was called on Fastmail (Inbox). So, I manually changed the names in Chatter to:

    Inbox.Sent Items


    I did several test send and deletes and they all propogate perfectly. I have no idea why Chatter mislabels these, but it would be helpful if it could figure out the real names and be case-sensitive. If I had to label them myself manually from the beginning, my tendency would have been to simply type them in as written in Fastmail. I like Chatter's folder loading feature because it seems very useful overall. But, it's using the wrong case for the root directory and less savvy folks (like myself in this situation ;-) might not even think to change that.

    Sorry if this is extremely obvious to others or has already been discussed, but I have seen a few posts about this same issue by others and hoped to be helpful if possible. Since Chatter is still labeling folders this way in the "Reload Folders" process (and presumably during an initial load for a new user), I'm hoping Marc can fix this. Thanks.
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    talkin73, thanks for taking the time to post this. This is important and I'm surpirised that it slipped by.

    Marc, any fix for this?
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    There's no bug to fix; you don't ever have to manually enter folder names, and Chatter doesn't mislabel anything.

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    I'm using Chatter with Fastmail and my Sent Items work just fine uploading.

    The my upload is listed as "INBOX.Sent Items" and it works fine.

    There must have been something else wrong with your configuration that may have corrected itself between Chatter and/or Fastmail after you upgraded.

    It's worked for me all along and I've been following all the betas since before 1.0.
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