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    So i searched for this in the forums with no luck. what is the difference between hardware a and b? cause i've had both and i cant tell the difference.
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    It's a health department cleanliness rating. Similar to restaurants. "A" rating means you can take the Treo into a 5 star restaurant. A "B" rating means you have to stick strickly to the dives. Or something like that.

    Actually, "A" means new hardware and "B" means refurbished hardware I believe.....

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    yeah i dont think that is the case. cause it was band new straight out of the box.
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    Let's see....

    B fixes the battery cover creak.
    B fixes the slight "crookedness" of the A's screen (I didn't notice this until I compared them).
    B fixes the thumbboard issues (at least for me) and the 5-way feels better for some reason.
    B seems a bit speedier for some reason...I don't ever remember my A with 1.12 feeling this snappy. It's truly back to 600 speeds again!!
    B also has a pink tint on the camera that takes EXCELLENT pictures...SO MUCH CLEARER when used indoors, compared to A.
    B has a SLIGHTLY dimmer screen/thumbboard which is MORE than welcome by me. At night, the light ripped my eyeballs to shred.

    B rocks!
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    I think the keyboard and camera improvements are the most welcomed by myself.

    I just hope the headset jack doesn't crap out on my again (it'd definitely help to buy the corded adapter instead of the L shaped one, I'm sure)
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    Are we talking CDMA or GSM?
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    cdma, rad thanks grndslm that helps out alot
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    When did hardware B come out?I have a refurb and it is hardware A. I think all my previous 650's were hardare B's. Are refurb 650's these days hdwe A or B's.
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    refurb status has NOTHING to do with HW revision
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    Just got a sprint hardware b as a replacement. Didn't compare to old (side by side) but I don't notice any difference. No stuck keys*.

    * yet
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    Could it be as simple as GSM vs CDMA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Sydney
    Could it be as simple as GSM vs CDMA?
    afraid not

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