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    We just bought a Treo 650 for a rather savvy user. He returned it because every time he pressed any letter or any number, it appeared twice on the display ... (if he typed "display", he'd get "ddiissppllaayy" .... !!!)

    Cingular gave him a second one ... SAME DARNED THING!!! ... he did a "hard reset" (returns it to factory settings?) ... his input functioned/displayed just fine ... here's where the wrong turn seems to happen ...

    ... he synched it with Outlook ... (we have POP3 accounts, not Exchange, not that that could matter?!) ... then the ddoouubbllee kkeeyyiinngg began again.

    Do any of you wireless experts have any thoughts? ... much obliged ... I'm new to PDA/cellphone/browser/wireless devices ... I haven't even touched the thing yet ... he's just described his problem and I'm the IT guy here at the bank so I'm just looking to you folks for some help !!!!

    .. (there's a frosty beer in it for anyone who can supply the answer )

    Thanks 1,000,000

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    Sure, have your provider switch you over to palm support. They are the ones that might resolve this type of issue. You have free Palm support for 90 days but you have to go through your provider. Don't try and call direct or they charge you for tech support

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