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    After sitting on another plane and seeing so many people with a dell, or apple or rca mp3 player I was wondering. i have an mp3 player on my treo why can't i use mine.
    I was wondering who uses thier treo as an mp3 player and what size card do you use, and how many songs do you get...and then what do you use to rip the music to an mp3?
    thanks a lot for all the help
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    I do, and so do at least 50% of the people in this forum (would be my guess.) I use RealPlayer which I started with on my T3.

    Several threads in multimedia on this. . . .

    @ 5mb a song, you can get 400 songs on a 2GB SD card.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I have an iPod, but the answers you seek may lie somewhere within this thread: The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I ONLY us my Treo for listening to MP3's, AAC, OGGs, etc. as well as streaming radio stations.

    Saw a friend go through withdrawals after he dropped his (early version iPod) and crashed the little harddrive!

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    I lived out in NYC for a good three years, an ipod comes in handy when takin' the subway or walkin' on the streets. Now that I'm back in CA, I gave my mini ipod to my little brother. Not to mention, I bought myself a 2GB ultra II SD card. =) I do all the music listening in my car and home but the treo comes in handy when you're bored in a quiet atmosphere.
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    I use my treo as an mp3 player...I have music stored on a little 512mb card divided into different folders based on genre.

    I use audiograbber to rip my songs from my freeware now and pretty fast. I use the basic ptunes to listen to them and swap them out when I get bored of them (I also listen to audiobooks but that's a different thread.)
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    Just got my daughter an ipod. Didn't do a scientific comparison using bitrates, etc, but from a little bit of testing I thing the treo sounds at least as good as the ipod. There are a lot of variables, including earbuds. For example, if you have the Shure 4c's and used the Ipod and the Treo with the same song file, would there be a difference? Don't know but any results would be subjective. Suffice it to say that the Treo puts out decent quality music.
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    My Treo is my only mp3 player. I HATE morning talk radio so I listen to it on the way to work through the car stereo every morning (40 min commute). I use it when I am giving the kids a bath or pushing them on the swings right through the speaker. I use a 1gb card and keep around 150 songs on it. I also have over 300mb of video on it (currently The Matrix, but again that's another thread).
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    I use my Treo as an MP3 player all the time. I can get the ipod user envious by showing them that I can play thru a headset or the back speaker. I am still searching for the perfect hybrid headset. I want something that retracts, is less bulky then the Seidio solution and works reliably.

    If these babies were hybrid
    than I would love em.
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    Just bout another 1gb card just for music. I have the Palmone Hybrid headset (sound good), Esure headphones with adapter and the sound is just as good as mt ipods. II like having everything in one device. I use all music and audio books in OGG format. I use only Mac OS and convert in all using itunes. Very simple process.

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    I don't use it as an MP3 player, but I do use it to stream audio and play WMA's. I have two 2G cards that I use. I am shocked at what I can fit on it. I compress my WMA's at 128kbps. I choose WMA becasue I can get better sound quality per files size. I use WMA for my Treo, my Wifes 5G Rio Carbon, as well as sending WMA's to my Roku Soundbridge and my portable Linksys WMLS11B which looks like a boom box.
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    I have a separate 1Gb card just for music. I don't play music enough to warrant an Ipod, so I enjoy the realplayer feature on plane trips.
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    I like having everything in one device also, that's why I got a Treo! I take the train into NYC a few times a month for meetings and listen to music or shoutcast radio all the way. A friend of mine with an iPod is jealous now that he knows all that the Treo is capable of.
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    Forget about the MP3 stuff. Last week, I was at the snow-covered Denver airport killing 6 hours of our delayed flight and looking at almost everybody listening to their mp3 players. I've never seen so many iPods. Instead of pulling out my own iPod I took out my Treo to watch a Kinoma-recorded Seinfeld TV show. I blew them away!
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    Can you transfer dvd to treo using kinoma?
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    I'm using a 1GB card with season one and two of Dave Chappelle. Skits I enjoy listening to without being glued to the screen. Also some MP3's for when I really can't look at the screen like when I'm driving.
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    I record a DVD movie or TV show into my Powerbook first, using an EyeTV (a mac only) tuner. Then I use Kinoma Producer, in one single step, to convert/compress and transfer the mpeg or .mov file to my SD card.
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    what size do you get for each hour of video using kinoma to compress?
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    I use ptunes to play mp3s. i use a 1 gig card to store mp3s and movies. I still cannot live without my ipod because my ipod currently contains over 7000 songs from my music collection(it would contain more, but i need my computer hard drive space). If you're not as serious about music as I am, the treo should satisfy your basic needs.
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    If your Treo is already in your pocket everywhere you go, I don't see a reason to cram an mp3 player in there as well. Use what you've got. If you're worried about sound quality, get a nice set of earbuds and a 2.5-to-3.5 adapter. I have a 1GB card loaded with mp3s and use pTunes and I'm perfectly happy with that. Plus, like others have pointed out, you can drop movies on your card as well, so you can do either when you're on the go. 2 full length movies will fit quite nicely on a 1GB card.
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