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    Hi there:

    Everytime I try to access sites such as ESPN or MLB or CBSSPORTS, my Treo tells me it cannot complete because the page is too large? Is this due to all of the pics on the page? If so, is there is a way to get around it such as turning off pics. I do not need graphics. I just want to read the articles.

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    From the menu, go to Options>Prefrences select the General Tab, then check the box Disable Images. This may help, but a lot of sites use Java and Flash, so you still may get errors.

    Post Script: I just noticed this is the Treo 600 thread. Sorry. Those instructions are for the 650. Not sure if it's the same on a 600.

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    For Treo 600, within Blazer, hit the :menu > Options >Preference > Check the box, do not display images.

    I would also check third party portals like Skweezer or Webxcope.
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    Hey Ronbo:

    I saw these in another forum, but didn't know what they were. Do you type in one of these addresses in the TREO and it is supposed to compress eveyrthing. Sorry, but I am very very new to all of this.
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    On the Treo 600, the way to key these in is via the www icon or the :menu: G (goto function) or thru links like below.

    The addresses are and and then on their prompt, type in the site you want to go to.
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