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    Pocket Tunes just will not run on my new 650. It makes a shuttering noise (sort of an electronic skipping) and stops. Sometimes it freezes the device. This happens with ever MP3 file I try to play. Real Player plays the same files fine. I searched the forum for other people having this issue but didn't find any so now I am wondering why my device only. Any ideas ?
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    Fill out NormSoft's Pocket Tunes Customer Support form and explain the problem. They'll get back to you with instructions for sending one of your files for testing.
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    Thanks for the tip. I did that three days contact yet so I thought I would try the forums. Hopefully he will get back to me soon. My trial ends in 9 days. 15days is too short when you start with an issue right away.
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    I just got a new 2gig card and Pocket Tunes is working now. It seems PocketTunes didn't like my other SD card. The same mp3 files are now working. Strange that PocketTunes was more sensitive to some card issue then RealPlayer but it's all good now.

    For the record Normsoft did get back to me very soon. I missed their first email and later found it. I then sent them a mp3 file which they tested and found to be fine so I tried a new SD card.

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