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    I'm not sure if I can live with this low speed,
    Is there anything faster?
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    As I went to lunch and drove around, it was much better. But any suggestions would help.
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    Xiino is pretty fast. although the UI/Usability is less elegant than Blazer.

    Depends on what data services you have as well.
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    Another vote for xiino.. I tryed opera but for me its barely usable as I don't enjoy using the stylus..
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    The better question is whether there is any browser slower than Blazer. The answer is a resounding "no."
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    WebPro, Webviewer, Xiino - all are proxy based browsers which run much faster than non-proxy based Blazer
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    Hadn't seen it mentioned here, but Avantgo has a browser. I think they are down this weekend moving servers. I tried it a bit yesterday and it doesn't have quite the features of Blazer, but it seemed pretty quick. Not sure if it is quicker.
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    Blazer CAN use a proxy if you set it up to. You probably could use the same proxy as you use for webpro if anyone knows what it is
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    Overall I also am kinda disappointed with the overall state of palmos browsers. In any case here are a list of available browsers for the Treo that I'm aware of (please don't assume is complete).

    • Blazer 4.0 - included. Best 5-way nav. Has annoying 2MB download limit!
    • Webpro Patched - okay speed. Buggy and sometimes crashes. No download limt
    • Xiino - fast proxy , can save cache. Good alternative to Blazer but very PRICEY!
    • Opera - requires java plugin. Fast, but not supported. Doesn't support downloading. Cannot set as default
    • WebViewer - Also req java. Not as fast on 650 as 600. Dev doesn't seem to support anymore?
    • Eudora - free, but only text based. Limited features and no 5-way afaikafaikafaik
    • PocketLink - pretty fast proxy, lot of features. No 5 way nav support.
    • iPanel - not updated in LOOONG time. Kinda slow, expensive
    • Netfront Patched - extraced from Clie. Does not work on Treo.
    • Avantgo - free, lots of good contect. Bloated and unwieldy
    • Jbrowser - java based wap browser
    • Piscel - extracted from i539. Only chinese support. Never tried myself

    There's probably some others I'm fogetting like some other minor java browser etc. Please post or add if you find one missing..
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    I use Xiino and it is absolutely required if you want to have robust surfing.

    Blazer is slower but more annoyingly craps out on many larger pages that Xiino loads with no issues. Xiino isn't perfect either. Some pages it renders poorly and this causes links to not work...or possibly be hidden. I use both browsers. I use Blazer when surfing "light" websites, especially those designed for mobile devices. I use Xiino to browse big websites like IMDB.

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