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    Has anyone bought and used this bluetooth GPS device by Emtac?? My 650 keeps re-starting all the time. Any ideas how to get around it???
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    Moving to the correct forum.
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    I have an EMTAC Crux II GPS and it does NOT work well with Treo 650. It holds the BT connection for a few minutes and then loses the connection. Once this happens, a soft reset of Treo 650 is required to re-connect. According to Mapopolis (the Navigation software I use), Treo BT 650 stack implements a LOOKAWAY feature that is only supported currently by GlobalSat BT338 and Mobile Crossing BTGPS - although people in this forum seem to be using TomTom GPS (I assume it is different than BT338 or Mobile Crossing produce).
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    I sent a support request to EMTAC and received a call back within 5 minutes from a nice tech rep named Brandon. I received my unit 5 days ago and had terrible problems with the Navigator software resetting the Treo; he sent me an updated .prc app that was a huge improvement both in the memory handling and the graphics/UI. It now has a 3d option which is very nice. Kudos to EMTAC for their quick response; it appears that its a hardware issue according to EMTAC and this software update will fix the reset issue. I'll make a post later on after a thourough test.
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    Do you mind send me the .prc file? I also bought EMTAC and is having the same problem. I did not check this forum, so I am well pass their warrenty and they have changed vendor.


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