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    Dear Treo'ers,

    I have just bought a replacement lid for my treo.
    Can anyone provide me with detailed instructions for installing it?
    Thank you!
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    If it has the speaker already installed in the Lid you'll just need a #0 Phillips head, A finger nail, and a few minutes of calm to gently remove the Lid and swap it out.

    Basicly there are little snaps along the edges and along the bottom of the Treo (by the sync port) If you loosen those up (I've used a finger nail)after unscrewing the screws the back can be removed. Gently remove the Speaker wire connected to the circuit board. You'll need to remove a few screws that are keeping the board attached to the Lid. After these are removed you can swap the Lid (They are small so don't lose them). Be careful about the Keyboard and Key "pads".

    Where did all the old Treo 300 threads go on this? I leave for a few weeks and they dump all the old threads...

    If your Treo's Battery Life is getting weak this might be a good time to swap in a fresh battery as well.
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    Lgodave, thanks for the answer but that I have already done once to replace a wire on the old lid (and battery too). The problem is that I am afraid to try to force new lid onto the place - the right part with the spring which causes lids to break has protruding fork onto you have to put the lid. It is all so tight. Idea - did anyone tried to push the spring part in? I have tried lightly but no luck.
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    Yes, it is possible to pull that spring-mounted fork thingy back so that the new lid can be positioned into place. There's a slot on the barrel in which you can insert a (sturdy) screwdriver for that purpose. I agree it is quite a strong spring. It bent the screwdriver I used! But, voila - replacement lid on an otherwise good Treo. I now have a Sprint-branded lid on my Cingular Treo 180 (which is my backup phone if my 270 ever develops a problem).
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    Sorry Folks... I'm not following the "spring...fork thingy" speak.

    I realize that the Flip Lid can break off and that it should/is possible (some how) to assemble these Lids a to the Top Cover of the Treo itself.

    I suppose if anyone wants to write up a detailed Directions sheet with Pics... we could all figure out exactly how to replace our Lid spring fork thingies...
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    You are lucky, but as it goes you will find out eventually, when inevitably the lid breaks. I am heavy user and on my first broke after six months (I was able to get an replacement under warranty) second after nine months (fixed it with epoxy glue) and third four months after that. I have found out source in US for replacement lid but since I am in Croatia I could not send them Treo for repair so I have tried for an instruction somewhere. Oh yes, I have nearly forgotten when my first lid broke I went to my friendly dentist who glued it with some of his staff. It was not nice but I suppose it would last. (That one I have returned to dealer so it eventually got back to
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    I have done it! Few point to make apart from instructions of lgodave: 1. You have to open Treo first and fix the new lid on opened Treo. It is the only way you will be able to position speaker wire. 2. Position the wire side first. 3. Do not be afraid to push spring part in - it goes all the way. Use any flat tool hard enough. Positon spring side - you have to force it a little - it is tight. Do not concern about the position of the lid - when you carefully open and close lid for the first time the spring will do its job and it will position itself. 4. Connect the speaker wire and close the Treo. Voila!

    Afterthought! It could be benificial to drop few drops of some lubricants inside spring part - maybe it could prevent blocking.
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    hi it not so hard to fix the broken flip treo 270. all U need is only alteco glue (easy to find here in bali just 0.2$ a tube), small + screw driver (for open case), 5mm + screw driver (for to reassemble lid shaft lock), wire cutter grip, gas torce for silver work or a gas cigarete ligther. the major case to make the lid broken is the spring that hold the lid, so the main idea is cutting the spring 3-4 wound. the torc is for to make the steel spring more soft so u can cut it by wire cutter. the detail prosedure i will tell u later with picture (with presentation), it's realy easy to do ! the treo i have fix still good til now (6mth), no more broken lid. now i still busy to work modifying with nokia 6600 batt for replace the weak of my treo 270 batt, it's should bo work ......hehhehehehehe
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