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    Marc, from reading the boards, I understand you are lifting the POP mail limit.

    Is the AOL mail limit lifted yet? If not, anytime soon?
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    His name is Marc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insp_Gadget
    His name is Marc.

    LOL oops. had one too many beers tonight. my bad! (edited)
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    Marc, there are obviously many who are eager for this AOL message limit lifting, even in inebriated states! Have you forgotten us AOLers/IMAPers (your original bread and butter)?????
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    It's not trivial, and I have a couple of other things in front of it on my priority list. I haven't forgotten.

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    Marc, just to verify, the limit is just for the Inbox right? So as long as you don't have 350 emails in your inbox folder, but rather in other folders you should be fine right?
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    It's actually ANY folder.

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    Now I'm confused. I use an AIM account and have several thousand emails between my deleted items and sent items and various other folders, but I haven't experienced any problems. I have the AOL box checked.

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