My 2 Treo 650s are going up on ebay this weekend. After 2 months of trying really hard to make our treos work, I have to give up. I have 4 phones through Verizon's family plan - 2 treo 650s and 2 Moto V710s. Yesterday I called my Verizon rep and ordered two more V710s to replace the 650s. First of all, I went through 4 different bluetooth headsets before I found one that was loud enough (and even this latest one, a Cardo 500, starts to break up with static when the 650 is only as far away as on my hip!) Second, just got a new BMW 750Li with the bluetooth integrated into the car...guess what...Treo connects, but then it soft boots as soon as the car starts to transfer the contacts/phone numbers list - over and over again - pathetic. Verizon now says that the Treo 650 is not compatible with the bmw bluetooth system....WHAT?! This is completely unacceptable and extremely unprofessional. I (we all) have wasted way too much time dealing with this phone. I really am happy with Verizon's service, and absolutely love our V710s, but I can't understand why they continue to do business with a very subpar company such as Palm. There is lots of potiential there, but they continually drop the ball. Rant over. Flame-On Treo650 fanboys.