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    i just bought a new treo 650. i love it but sometimes the speaker cracks for example when i'm going through and trying different ring tones.

    is this normal? i had the treo 600 before and i can't remember it ever crackling like this.

    has anyone else had this problem? fixed it? or is it normal? it only happens sometimes but i want it to be perfect since it cost me $600

    thanks for any help
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    Mine is the same. It will crackle with a lot of the ring tones when the volume is turned up a reasonable level. It's been like that since I purchased it and now it's really starting to annoy me. I wonder if Palm will replace the speaker under warranty ?
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    i've found alot of posts where people have HAD this problem...

    has anyone NOT HAD this problem? i mean does the speaker not crackle / cackle at all for some people?
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    I havent ever had that problem. You may want to check here though

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