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    my calander has the bad habit of reverting back to "today" when it time outs even if i am working on a future entry date...

    that means i have to remember what date i was working and navagate to it to do more to it..

    is there a pref to MAKE IT STOP reverting back to today???
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    What do you mean time outs? If you mean when the screen goes off, pressing the calendar button defaults to the Today screen. Press the Power button instead.
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    thanks tried that (red Phone button) get phone pad and prompt to press center to release keyguard

    now what???
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    This is what I tried:

    1. Press Calendar button on phone -> Today screen pops up
    2. Select the day view and picked a date in the future, then new to create a new event
    3. put phone down, waited for the screen to turn off. Screen is now off
    4. Pressed Red phone button to power on the screen, future date page still up, release keyguard and continue.
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