well after lurking for a while and trying to change from pocket pc to treo I am throwing in the towel. The super long button tones were killing me and I even bought take phone. of coarse I wasn't too happy about paying extra to make my $450 phone work right. After fighting with it and looking for upgrades to make it do what what my ppc could do (record phone coversations, act as a notepad during phone calls, play any mp3, midi or wav as a ring tone heck even logging into my voicemail was a pain with the treo). I realized I had all of these things in my XDA O2 without paying extra and when I needed another feature it was usually freeware. The treo looks sweet, is nice and compact and I would probably grow to love it over time but until I get used to it I really just needed it to work as a phone should and it couldn't do that. I am not flaming..... but I kinda figure you guys will, maybe I'll try again after the next patch.