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    Quote Originally Posted by eldiablo
    you ARE SOL, but youve been that way ever since you signed with T-Mobile. They are
    The problem is its going to cost me nearly $50 more a month if I move carriers. I've been with T-Mo forever, and my combined plan is very cheap....
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    If there are any advanced Treo users running a device without a camera, I was wondering if you could run the new Treo ROM tool from and send me a list of tokens that show up. I was doing some hacking research and it looked like there's something that indicates that there isn't a camera.

    If anyone here knows what I'm talking about and could mail the list of tokens to matthew - at - mastracci - dot - com, that would be great!
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    Someone could make money selling a replacement back half of a Treo 650 case without any camera hole.
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