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    I saw a promo via Amazon for a t650 for $124 (after rebates) with new 2 year contract from EarthlinkPCS (until Aug 28 only). This seems to be a wireless carrier affiliated with Earthlink the internet company.
    Some questions:
    1) is this a reputable wireless carrier? a reputable company?
    2) I've had my 600 for 1.5 years and I'm itching for a 650. Will I regret signing a 2 year contract for a 650, since inevitably I'll want the "new best thing" (as soon as the price for it drops below $200)?
    3) Plan I'm considering is 500 min with unlimited data for $70/month (they price it as one package, not separate pieces). I'm pretty sure my current Sprint plan is less expensive. Not sure where the break-even point would be if I paid the higher price for upgrade phone via Sprint, will need to do the math. Are there any better deals out there? I have no loyalty to carrier (or even my phone number) I'm strictly cost-oriented.

    Thank you.
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    Worst customer service ever.
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    Stay Away!
    Search for my posts on them.....
    Bottom Line. They have No Clue what they're doing!
    Sprint Mogul (HTC 6800)

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