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    I'm looking for an application that might let me configure the side button on the Treo 650 to be a bluetooth on/off toggle.

    I found BtTogglePro, but I've read that it has issues with Treo 650s. Not to mention there's a lot of functionality in there that I just don't need. It also doesn't support the side button on the Treo 650.

    My Siedo holster covers up all of the front buttons, and I'm looking to make my side button (which is exposed) be the bluetooth toggle.

    Ideal would be a simple little flip flop application that I could map to the side button using the prefs/buttons remapping feature.

    Any ideas?
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    You can assign your side button to the bluetooth application, then toggle there via the keypad.

    It's a little more work, but it works.

    That's how I do it anyways, but if you were to find something to toggle on/off that's simple and free, I'd probably be interested.
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    Bluefang is a system preference that automatically turns on/off BT for specific apps, but does not have the ability to map to a button and is free.

    However, it suffers from the same bugs BTtgoggle does - missed calls. I'm not aware of any other programs.
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    I just gave the Bluetooth app a shortcut key (B). Now I just press the phone button then hold the B key to get to it.

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