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    Does anyone used their Treo 650 with ActiveSync and Exchange Server 2003 in addition to syncing with an Apple at home? I'd really like to keep my personal and work email, calendars and contacts with me on the Treo but don't know if the Exchange Server will have conflicts if also syncing with a Mac.

    Also, can you keep appointments categorized on the Treo 650 to conduit to a certain Calendar on the Mac?
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    i do this on a daily basis. it's a pain in the a$$, but i use the "private" field in outlook to keep my personal stuff in outlook from others who can see my calendar at work. as far as contacts go, i wasn't syncing them until just recently when i broke down and started... i didn't want my personal contacts in my work address book, but unless you purchase some third party sync software, HotSync will not give you the ability to only sync certain things within an address book.

    there are a few third party products that do this type of thing, but at this point i am not ready to shell out the $40+ for them. (PocketMirror, Intellisync, etc...)
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    Its good to know that this can be done and there are work arounds available. Are you using the iApps that came on your computer, or are you using Entourage?

    Let me get this straight: the Treo has all of the company Exchange Server info on it (contacts, updating calendar, email)? And the Treo also has your personal calendar, contacts, email etc?

    Do you physically sync with your work computer or is it done exclusively through Exchange?

    When you sync at home, does your most recent work schedule copy to your Mac?
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    I use Entourage at home and Outlook at work with the Treo in the middle. On your Mac you need to disable syncing the calendar and addresses or you get conflicts. Just let the exchange server handle those syncs for you. Everything works well, but you do lose the categories for appointments. Also, don't edit any recurring appointments on the Treo, or you get problems (ie birthdays syncing to the wrong date).

    The setup works pretty well though and you can still set the Entourage conduit to sync tedo items and memos, then the Exchange server handles appointments and addresses.

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