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    I want to have a trigger - e.g. callfilter - that launches an application. I want that application to perform a task. I want that task to be copy a specific file to SD card or make a copy/backup.
    I have callfilter and filez.
    call filter can launch an application, but I don't want it to just launch filez - I want it to copy a specific file and exit. I realize I may need a launcher that then launches another application.
    I even think that maybe I can setup backupman? and have a single file as the backup set? dunno, just brainstorming.
    Ideas please?
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    RescoBackup can have different backup 'sets' running. You could add one that just backs up that particular file.
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    ...thanks - and to the best of your knowledge, I can set it to perform this backup set automatically upon launching.
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    You should try Recso Explorer instead - it also supports multipls backup sets, but does a heck of a lot more also, including use as a launcher.
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