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    I am getting a reset when trying to open some, not all links in email. I'm using beta 44 on a sprint Treo 650 DL OTA.

    Forgive me if this has been bought up. I hope its not just me.

    Marc do you want me to send you a log and forward the HTML email with the link that causes my reset?

    Or could I please forward the email to any one using beta 46 to find out if they have trouble with the link?
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    I haven't heard of any problems like that. Forwarding the mail would be helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    I haven't heard of any problems like that. Forwarding the mail would be helpful.
    Thanks for the fast reply marc. Forgive my ignorance but to what address do I forward to?
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    Marc I was playing around with it before I realized you had replied.

    Xiino is causing the reset. A browser thinks its a link to a new web page but its just a link to a spot on the current page.
    Xiino as the default browser resets but blazer as the browser launches then shows an error page with no url. I am sending the page and log now.

    So is the solution to get chatter to not show this type of link as a link or to allow chatter to move the view to the corresponding section of the email when the link is tapped or to not allow a browser to launch when this type of link is tapped?
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    Sorry Marc I don't think that page will get to you in HTML format. I sent it with Chatter, my PC got zapped by the storm last week.

    For now I will read ahead in an email to see if the link is a link to a web page or a link to a different spot on the email.
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    This is a Xiino bug, I think. I have no idea what Xiino does when it gets a link.

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    So far it looks like that type of link will launch any browser toward a wild goose chase if tapped in Chatter.
    But if you are using Xiino or any other browser to view the email on the server itself (instead of viewing it in chatter) and tap those types of links, the browser moves to the corresponding section of the email.
    Marc is this a flaw in chatter or does it just fall outside the capabilities of off line viewing.

    Here is the type of url that is launching a browser instead of just moving the window to a specific point in the email:**49*;SMB-MF-TP=0;SMB-MF-SF=Date_1;SMR-Part=;SMR-MsgId=49;SMB-MF-DI=20;Ust=ee63ad9d!eb8341a2;SMR-FM=3;SMB-CF=4566900;UDm=49;MSignal=MR-GetAtt**1*1#story0

    Can we get chatter to act as this command intends in just moving the view and not launch a browser or can this type not show as a link?
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    I get resets when trying to open big files - marc is aware of it.
    Cingular 680
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    fkjr2 - I'm not sure I remember what the problem was. I'm pretty sure you were running out of memory.

    jamespaulritter - I'd need to see a link like this. Chatter doesn't handle this stuff at all; it's done in the OS. I just pass the URL along.

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    Marc I went threough the trouble of DL snappermail to see if they had figure out a fix for this and they have. In snappermail it still shows as a link but does not launch a browser.

    I don't know how to show you an example since I can't email you an HTML page myabe I can figure out a way after my desktop computer gets out of the shop.

    If you want you could set up a yahoo alert for daily news. That html email has those types of links.

    Thanks for looking into this.
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    Marc I sent you an email with a message file from the chatter folder off my sd card. Hopefully you will be able to view it in chatter on your treo. Try the link "armstrong suggest he's victim of setup". The top one.

    EDIT: I don't think the file mentioned above will work.

    But I went to the trouble of setting up a gmail account you can pop for an email with the infamous links.

    I sent you an email with the details.
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