Just about 3 or 4 wks ago, I accidentally dropped my T600 which I had for about 1yr and all of a sudden, everything stopped working. The screen light was out and there was no dialing tone anymore.
Eventually, the phone was replaced with T650 but I still have to fix the T600 and either give it to my wife or keep it for myself.
I really don't have any idea what type of damage the T600 might have sustained after the drop and I have tried my best to get it fixed but no one seems to know how to fix it here in Austin, Tx. I have actually taken it to like 2 different places and they told my that they can't fixed it.
So please does anybody have any idea where I can get it fixed or what exactly to do to get it fixed? I was attached to this phone before the drop and never gave me any kind of problem. I really need some input guys.