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    My comparison is with these two headsets and my Treo 650 . . .

    At first I didn't want to open the Treo's package to test it because I was liking the Motorola 850 over the past week's use. But since the Treo has good packaging and it just pops open and closed without cutting packaging I tried it out. The the 850 has same packaging so it's easy to test and return either for full credit. I didn't get any responses or opinions in another thread, so I tested both myself. I know BT has been beat to death in the past here, but the HS-850 is Motorola's latest model and I figured I'd check it out for myself.

    Here are my findings so far. I've used the 850 for a week now from Bestbuy and it's OK. From the threads seems BT wise no one headset has it over another. Each unit seems to be a trade off feature or clarity wise.

    But I was leaning towards keeping the 850 and it's longer boom mike (the little silver emblem on the tip of the 850's boom is already starting to separate away and will start to catch material when putting in a pocket)

    But the Treo is pretty long on it's own without a boom. The Treo is definitely more comfortable (almost don't know it's on ear). The 850 begins to ache my ears after two hours, maybe ears get used to it, don't know yet. I liked the auto off feature when closing the boom on the 850 and was going to keep it just for that until I realized on the BT Treo one holds the off button for a few secs when you take it off your ear, that should be easy to remember to do.

    I also tried the blue Jabra Gel on the Treo (I think I read here that Jabra makes the Treo, that's probably why the gel fits) and it makes it extremely comfortable but I won't glue it on yet because then I really own it. It's LOUD with the gel, maybe too loud.

    I'm going to use the Treo for a few days more as I just got it yesterday (came in two days from no tax and free priority shipping so Dan was easier and cheaper than going to Bestbuy AGAIN!

    but there are several other issues that make me think I'll end up with the Treo in my short comparison times.

    1. The BT Treo should really be compared to the 820 Motorola for $79. I'm comparing it now to the $99 850 (which I bot at Bestbuy for $88 with tax).

    2. They both have one button operation but the Treo allows for activation of handsfree features with the Treo 650 like call waiting, call hold, reject incoming call, last # redial and taking a second call all with one button.
    (caller ID seems a useless feature on other brands to me to have to take the earpiece off to see who is calling, I'll just look at the phone).

    3. Treo looks less geeky on your ear it matches Treo's silver gray finish. 850 has this big "blue" faceplate that glows and flashes bright blue in use (beam me up Scotty).

    4. Treo says range of 33 feet, 850 says the same but twice the price. Treo for me only used in car or pocket. Twice the price is not buying me twice the clarity. They both pop a litttle even with phone right next to headset at times.
    Treo's AC adapter is multi plug type and BIG, but you can always use the 650's smaller and lighter adapter, No xtra adapter to carry but you now have International travel adapters if you ever need them.

    5. 850 ear piece has to be popped off to switch ears each time, Treo has a great flip over design without removal.

    6. But I found out last night the 850 has one limiting features that makes it for me the one that's going back to store for credit that I have not seen any complaints about in the threads. It may be my ear shape but the low volume is because there is no up and down adjustment to align the holes (even though the Treo has three holes in ear piece and nice rubber flange for comfort). I realized last night that there is NO WAY for me to line up the holes with my ear canal to help the volume out. I have to press the unit down into my ear at times while in my car which negates the HANDS FREE ability. I could use a wired unit a lot safer while driving. This one feature is a serious design flaw for my ears and needs. The Treo's unique fully adjustable ear ring will fit ANY ear.

    So I'll give the Treo a few days for reception and clarity tests while talking to Clients. Many have already told me while on the 850 I sounded at times like I was in a tunnel anyway. So if the Treo sounds similar and no worse I'll keep it.

    Thought I'd post my findings here for others who were thinking of going BT to read. I know we all have hard choices to make because one poster can have a 180 degrees different opinion on the same unit. That's always an issue with new technology. If you want to jump on the newest stuff we have to live with the old adage . . . the leading edge is the bleeding edge. I'm sure reception and clarity issues will improve in the near future with next generational BT models. Just look how fast cellphone batteries have improved now, 1 or 2 week standby always amazes me with an OEM battery on some models.

    I know it's quite pricey but I'd also like to see some more input on the Zen unit for it's clarity and comfort.
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