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    For 12 months I've enjoyed listening to mp3's on my T600 using pocket tunes. I use the standard adaptor so I can attach my 3.5mm headphones in.

    For some reason now when I have the headphones plugged into via the adaptor music plays out of the treo speakers rather than the headphones. Unplug the headphones and the speakers go quiet - seems as though plugging anything into the adaptor is breaking something and diverting the sound back to the speakers (I've tried multiple sets of headphones) - any ideas? im stumped!

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    you'll probably be able to fix that with a hard reset. Unfortunately I have to send mine in due to a physical problem.
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    Tried hard reset and still no love, sadly Im passed the warranty period and cant send it back - even if I could i wouldnt have time, have a 20hr flight next week and need it for then!!

    Thanks for your suggestion. If anyone else has any idea feel free to let me know.

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    if you've got an SPCS version, try taking it to a sprint store - i've returned a few 600s and 650s and they never looked to see how far along i was warrantee wise
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    i had a similar problem and i removed the hard reset it put the card back in and it worked

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