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    How do I upload my pictures to my pc? The only thing i see is sharing and that cost money.

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    Dont you have a Hotsync Cable? Just Sync your Treo, and it will put all your pictures into a folder called TreoPix. Did you install the Treo software that came with your Treo, onto your PC? Which Model do you have - this is what I do for my 600.
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    Actually my folder is called 'palmOne Photos' under My Photos. This is for a Windows XP Home system. The photos are put there during a normal HotSync. They also get backed up under your sync ID in the Palm/Handspring folder.
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    Yes I have Hotsync and yes I did snyc. I did not receive a CD with my Treo 600 because it was a replacement for my Treo 300. Also I am running 98 and I do not see the folder you are talking about. However I do have a Palm folder but no pictures. Andy other sugguestion

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