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    I have looked and looked and tried and tried, and I cannot figure this out.

    I have a Kensington bluetooth adaptor for USB and it installed just fine.

    I have a Cingular 650 with the latest build, 1.15.

    Both devices see each other, but here's what's happening. Please note I wish to use DUN.

    Under "My Bluetooth Places", I see my phone and attempt to connect.

    On my phone, it prompts me for a passkey and asks me if I want to make this a trusted device. I have tried every combination of password I have ever used in windows, as well as a plethora of 1 to 4 digit numerical pins including the last four of the phone number.

    No matter what I put in, and hit OK, a bubble pops up in my laptop's (WinXP) taskbar that says "Bluetooth PIN Code required. Bluetooth device "xxxx" is atttempting to connect with this computer. Click here to proceed with the connection. To deny access, ignore this prompt."

    No matter what I put into the computer and hit OK, it immediately plays that dreaded sound with the "red X" and says. The Dial-ip Networking connection failed. Could not connect to the remote device." Simultaneously, a taskbar alert pops up and says it's unable to connect. reason: "unknown."

    I have gone through every configuration file I know on both devices, telling it to have full security to telling it to not require a password or PIN.... and nothing. I must have attempted this 100 times, and I am at my wits end. Again, the devices see each other just fine, but won't pair.

    Any information would be most appreciated.

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    hey Morgan...

    It sounds like your password is not the same for both devises. Go back to the Treo, bluetooth/set up devices/trusted devices. Make sure your computer is listed, highlight it and tap details. Delete the device and tap done. Tap add device and let the Treo look for your computer again.

    When the Treo finds your computer and asks if you want it added to trusted devises, tap yes and choose whatever password you want to use and tap done. When the balloon pops up on the computer asking for the password, insert the same password you have on the treo.

    Another balloon will pop up asking if you want the computer to always connect to the treo, check the yes box.

    If you want to have the computer find the treo, make sure discoverable is checked yes on the treo bluetooth screen.

    This should get you going....


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