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    Would it be possible for TAKEphONE to clear out any "missed call" alerts in the attenton manager whenever I visit the "Call Log" page? When I miss a call, 2Day alerts me and I clear the icon by pressing it which takes me to TAKEphONE's Call Log. But then I also have the snowflake/asterix flashing and I need to clear that too. I'd really love to have one way to make all missed call notifications go away.



    P.S. This is on a Treo 650
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    I think I would also benefit from Takephone being able to clear out the "missed call" alert as well. Sometimes with the Treo 650, it seems as if I get an alert for both a missed call and a voicemail, for the same call. This of course has nothing to do with takephone, but just like the poster above, it would save me from having to clear out both the vm alert and the missed call alert.
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    Will check it out.

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