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    Today, I encountered this issue for the second time since I've had my Treo 650. I use Exchange ActiveSync in Versamail, and it starts to do 2 things out of nowhere:

    1. It starts to re-sync my entire calendar (rather than just changes)
    2. The Treo does a soft reset (reboot) after completing ActiveSync

    Once this starts, it does this reset after every Sync (AutoSync or Manual Sync), which is obviously a pain in the ****. The only way I've been able to fix it is to do a Hard Reset and re-sync my entire Treo. Last time I did this, the problem went away for a few weeks, until today.

    Does anyone know what is causing this?

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    I'm experiencing the exact same problem. It just started doing this yesterday and I don't know how to fix it. It goes through process of synchronizing the Versamail account and then, as you mention, starts bringing in ALL my calendar items... just at the end of that process it resets. It's VERY frustrating - anyone who can offer help? I would greatly appreciate it!
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    I think the problem has to do with a "bad" calendar item. I had a similar situation. I actually spent some time on the phone w/Palm and while they came up with a solution - it was based on a brute force method vs. being able to tell me specifically what the problem was.

    What I had to do was move all of my calendar appointments to a temp offline folder so they would not sync with my Treo (use a by category view vs. a day/week/month view to make this easier to do). Then I had to add my appointments back in a group of 10-20 at a time and do a manual synch to see if it caused my Treo to reset. Once I found the "bad" appointment, I deleted it and everything was back to normal.

    A couple of other points - you only have to worry about 1 week back and future appointments in your calendar as that's all ActiveSync works on.

    good luck.

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