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    I've got both running right now - set up to leave messages on my POP server.

    Verizon mail client doesn't seem to handle attachments at all (am I missing a setting here?) Versamail does fine.

    Haven't had problem with sync not getting messages (as long as my desktop mail client [Outlook 2003] is closed). If it's open, then Outlook grabs the messages first (and I don't have it set to leave messages on the server), so they aren't there when my Treo checks.

    Any thoughts on which one of these to use (verizon client versus VersaMail)?

    Thanks, Nico
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    I used Versamail on my T3 and thought it was great. I, too, am wondering which to go with. I'm concerned that Versamail may take up more space as some of wirelesssync is in rom, I think. Question: when you use wirelesssync and outlook, are you going through microsoft exchange or just using an always on broadband connection on your pc? Also, does it sync everything--calendar, etc.? Finally, when you delete from the treo, does it delete from your pop account? thanks, t
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    I only sync my email - not calendar or contacts (which I do through local hot sync). Not using exchange - just a POP account. I've got it set up to leave messages on my server, so it doesn't delete them. I figured out how to download attachments with the Verizon mail client (dumb user error), so I'll probably just go with that. Thanks, Nico
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    I tried VersaMail but was dissappointed on a few fronts. I moved to Snapper Mail and I am much happier. I especially like the feature that the app automatically moves messages (if you set it to do so) to SD card.
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    I use chatteremail and love it.

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