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    I found this on Have not seen anyone mention it here. So far seems to be very usable for me and might be for others too. This is mostly for those Treo users who do not want to pay extra for a third party laucher just to get a functioning quicklaunch feature.

    With PetiteLaunch, I can program any hard buttons, opt+hardbuttons to pop up a command prompt where I can type a letter on the keyboard and it will bring up a list of programs that starts with that letter. This list is user definable. I put PL on my hard button #2 and while I'm in the middle of any program, I can press this button and call up a different program without having to press the home button and then launch. Theres a few more little features but it seems stable and straight forward.

    When I had the Treo 600, I would load all kinds of freeware and shareware which, instead of aid to improve productivity, they would hinder it. So now, with the Treo 650, I'm trying to keep my Treo simple, fast and reset-free. The more I use the Treo 650, the less I feel the need for third-party enhancements and utils because it is a vast improvement over the Treo 600 (phone wise, pda wise, contacts, speed dial, etc.). Much third-party enhancements are no longer needed now.

    Try PetiteLaunch, maybe you'll like it. I know there are other third-party quicklaunchers out there but so far I find this one to be most stable and usable.
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    my "special" version of hi-launcher does that and more,and it was free too,but out of curiousity i'll check it out...!!
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    Hi Ljj8503, what do you mean by "special" version of hi-launcher ??

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    sounds kinda feminine (petite) to me.
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    Looks a lot like LaunchBar for OS X, which is extremely useful.

    But for the limited amount of apps that I'm frequently using, I think Butler's K-Launch will suffice.

    (now if it could index and launch images/emails/documents/etc, it would be a different story)

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