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    I can't get Snappermail to download the "Entire Message" for large emails...well not that craps out about 1.5 minutes in at the 450k mark saying that it failed during SSL. I have Snappermail Enterprise version 2.2.2 and have set the server to the appropriate 995 and 465 settings along with the always secure setting. Note this is only for Gmail. For my Sprint email it can download the whole message. I did the disable and enable thing on the Gmail account but to no avail. I tried the 587 setting instead of the 465. I am about to go back to the darkside of Versamail unless someone can pull me back from the edge. I like a lot of things baout Snappermail but this is a dealbreaker!

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    i've had problems with large attachments. i don't think it's a problem with gmail, but with your cellular provider. A lot of them will drop the gprs connection if there aren't enough bands for voice...

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