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    I had to do a hard reset yesterday and restored from Botzam backup, which is something I've had to do in the past before I used Chatter...only when I did it yesterday Chatter didn't come back in a useable state. I had to recreate all of my mailboxes, but in the end actually had to totally wipe out chatter, clean all files with FILEZ, and re-install the stable version, re-register, and re-set up all of my mail accounts. Before I wiped out Chatter and did a fresh install, the 650 would reset after I set up one account and went to set up the next account. After it would reset, I would get a message saying that mailbox-x was missing should Chatter rebuild it, I would hit yes, and Chatter wouldn't be able to rebuild it.

    My question is, do you know why it didn't restore from Botzam?
    Sprint 1.12
    Botzam is v 2.12

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    I have no idea what Botzam does or how it works, so no, I can't help with that.

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    It backs up the entire device to an SD card. I guess Backup Buddy is a similar program. I have mine backup every night at 1:00 am, and if the phone ever gets hard reset or more realistically you get a replacement phone from sprint, you just pop in the card , hit restore , and the new phone is EXACTLY like it was the night before.
    Do you use a back up rpogram that works with Chatter?
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    No, I don't use backup software; I've never needed it.

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    Ok---fair enough.

    Does anyone on this board use a backup to card program that effectively backs up and restores Chatter? If so, please let me know what program you use.

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    Yes I use BackupMan but before I do the backup I shutdown Chatter and turn off the phone. I do this as a precaution, and did not know if it is required. The restore does work after hard reset.
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    I use BackupBuddyVFS and it has always restored completely restored Chatter on my Treo 650.

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