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    Looking for an app that will schedule BT hotsyncs. I want it to attempt a BT hotsync every weekday at a certain time, like 9AM. The program would be smart enough that if the PC isn't showing nearby on BT, it doesn't attempt to sync.
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    You're looking for BTSync (search on Palmgear). Only downsides are that the keyguard needs to be disabled and it only pairs with one computer.
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    Thanks. Just tried the demo and when selecting my BT PC, it doesn't keep the setting so says not BT selected. Bummer. I can manually BT sync so everything is setup correctly.
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    As quoted off the page at PalmGear:

    BtSync Demo is fully functional, except that it will run HotSync only once (you'll have to set the Interval again).
    If you purchase it, it will do what you are looking for.
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    Yeah, noticed that but when I select the BT device, it doesn't recognize it. It also hasn't been updated in a long time. Any others out there that do this? Surprised many are apparently not interested in this.
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    I think BlueTooth is just too underpowered for most peoples needs besides headsets. Don't get me wrong, I like wireless syncing and have it automated but I should not have to be 20 feet away from my computer. The 802.11 spectrum is far superior for things like this where I can be in a conference room or somewhere within my house and it auto-syncs. Unfortunately, the 650 doesn't have that option.
    *End Rant*

    I think a program that auto-synced via the internet would be a better option, the only issue is that you will either need a VPN client like Mergic or expose hotsync through the firewall.

    A better BlueTooth solution would be nice and I would most likely purchase it but I haven't heard too many developers working on BlueTooth projects.
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    Well I'll be darn, looks like I found a better alternate solution...

    BT sync already works in ProfileCare. If your default connection type is setup for BT, the automated HotSync in ProfileCare will use the BT connection for HotSyncing.

    Search for ProfileCare at, I haven't played with it yet but it does sound like a winner to your issue and the developer (Jeff Gibson) does great work for what I've read.
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    ^Thanks for the tip. I've downloaded it but it's not intuitively obvious how to setup a specific time to trigger a hotsync. Will tinker more with it. Thanks again.
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    I can't get it to trigger a bluetooth sync either. I exclusively use bluetooth syncing, but profile and schedule care do Cradle/Cable
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    Contact the developer, it does work as long as you leave your hotsync profile as bluetooth as default. Interface could be cleaner but it does work...
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    Jeff Gibson has a forum in the treocentral developers area.

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