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    Sincere apologies if this has been posted. I search and scanned but didn't find the same problem.

    I have some old SPAM that has appeared in my InBox, dated from last November, even though I got the phone in June.

    Whenever I try to delete the file/email, it crashes the Treo and when it reboots, it's still there.

    I tried a hard reset, but the SPAM remained. Any ideas on how I can get rid of them?
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    If you are syncing your e-mail, try deleting it from your desktop then sync with your Treo.

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    And check out your server version of mail too. You don't say what protocol you are using, but if you are using POP and trying to keep multiple mail clients in sync theres a chance that you've deleted from your desktop client but it didn't get deleted from the server.

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