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    I am getting a strange crash on my Treo 650 that I can't seemto track down. Every once in a while I get a reset that ocurs and when my phone comes back up all the applications have reverted to their original categories in the Palm launcher. Most of my apps end up back in the "Unfiled" category. Some people have suggested that this is a problem with me losing my Saved Preferences, but I don't think that is the same issue because none of my registrations have been lost...just the categories I stored them under.

    Anyone else see this? Any ideas what might be causing it?

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    It happens to me occacionally too...on one in a few hundred resets.
    However, due to increasing reset problems that are occurring even after a hard reset (and before restoring ANY items), I am going to have to get a replacement for my 650 anyway.

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