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    I tried searching the boards for ways to do it, but it seems like theres 5 differnt ways to clean the treo. I've dumped a bunch of apps and sort of messed thigns up a little, after i installed ptunes and set it to my default mp3 player, after i removed it, everytime i try to go to realplayer preferences to re-enable it i get a reset. So i just want to start off fresh again like i got the treo in teh first place, and install my apps 1 by 1. Now heres where my first problem is. I want to do like a fresh install of either the latest firmware (i have a cingular treo w/ new firmware) or just go back to my original firmware. I dont' want to do a hard reset, cause i think somethign might be wrong with my realplayer app in rom (so i'm assuming the possibility of other problems). So i want it to a fresh restore... how would i do that? Also one catch ... i would like to keep my contacts. i have cleanuninstaller/volumecare/ringo/rlocker. Assuming i can get the phone cleaned up in what order should i install these apps? What about apps on teh phone that i don't use that come with the phone *stock*? For example i dont' use docs to go. Can i remove it? If so.. what other apps can i remove without damaging rom or the OS? I dont' use goodlink nor do i use realplayer actually (i dont' listen to mp3's).

    And on a side note... can someone explain to me the concept or worthwile of using powerrun if you have a memcard? Aren't most apps in rom anyway, and the bulk of other apps you can just install strait to the sd card? i tried moving ringo to the memcard cause it takes 500k, and it just put a copy on the phoen and one on the memcard. Isn't redundancy bad?

    To all who provide some insight and/or help thanks a million
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    A hard reset will not affect apps in ROM. The problem with RealPlayer is probably in the saved preferences db.
    Once you have done the hard reset (which will get you back to the state the phone was in when you flashed the new firmware), you can install apps one at a time to test stability. Make sure to rename the backup folder on your pc before you hotsync the first time. If you don't, hotsync will reinstall the apps you deleted with the hard reset; however, your contacts and calendar will be restored.
    You can't delete apps in ROM without flashing a custom ROM. RealPlayer is in ROM. Docs-to-Go and Goodlink are installed in RAM, and you can choose not to install them.
    Moving apps to the SD card can be tricky. Some will allow you to install them to the card during a hotsync. Some insist on being installed to RAM. A program like PowerRun will safely move an app and all associated databases and create a shortcut in the launcher app. That is the safest way to go.

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