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    It seems that from the time I want to get on the web, to the moment my Treo 600 actually gets there, is getting longer & longer. I don't want to lose all my cookies, but it now takes almost 15-17 seconds before I get web access! At one point, it was virtually instantaneous. Is there anything I can do, except for clearing the cookies?

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    Clearing cookies may help but from my experience, as well as others, you need to delete the "Web Cookies" file throught your Palm launcher. From the main palm launcher, press menu button then "delete from the drop down menu. Then scroll until you find "Web Cookies" then delete it.

    This file will recreate itself but you will have to reenter all of your cookies. But you will notice a faster connection initially to the web. If you are apprehensive, do a search-much has been posted about this on the Treo 600.

    BTW I do this every month or so.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks! I'll try it.


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