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    Here are the symptoms:

    [1] When entering text, my Treo randomly engages the caps-lock (I can actually watch the caps-lock symbol on the screen go on and off).

    [2] Eventually the caps lock will get stuck onand does not respond to pushing the shift button on the keyboard.

    [3] With increasing frequency (i.e. many times a day) all of the buttons above the keyboard (D-pas, menu, preferences, etc) will become unresponsive; multiple soft resets usually restores the functionality --- for a while.

    Thinking the above problems might be due to some third-party software I've installed (like Key Caps) I uninstalled any programs that take control of the keyboard -- problem still happens.

    I also did a hard reset. The same problems happened with just the native software installed.

    So, does my Treo need an exorcism or euthanasia? My phone is with Sprint (and I didn't buy the extended service plan). Assuming the condition is terminal, do I merely (!) buy a new phone with them, or do they have some sort of exchange (for a large fee) program?

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    what about the one year warranty? Have you had it over a year?
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    If it happened even after a hard reset, sounds like a hardware issue...
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    I just realized that I got the phone last fall, so if the warranty is a year, I may be in luck. I know that Sprint handles warranty repairs. I feel like I lost my best friend (sad, isn't it?). Can't image being without it while repairs are made. I'm assuming Sprint has some sort of exchange program...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Get-treo
    what about the one year warranty? Have you had it over a year?
    I would assume not, because if he had his 650 over a year, that would mean he had it before Palm even announced it. In that case, why not just throw it away, and pull out your Treo 700, and use that?
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    Oh, man. You've all discovered my secret plan!
    I hadn't realized that the warranty was a full year. I am used to most of my consumer electronics coming with a 90 minute warranty...

    Now hoping Sprint will hand me over a replacement...

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