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    I need some help everyone. When I try to open the Calendar application, my Treo immediately resets. I did a ##377, and here is what it says:

    A reset was caused on...while running "Calendar":
    DatebookUI.c, Line:931, Cannot Open Calendar library

    I believe that my calendar DB is corrupted. When I try to hotsync, I get this in my log:

    HotSync operation started for Denis Treo650 on 08/23/05 22:17:52

    OK Quick Install
    OK VersaMail
    Outlook Calendar
    The attempt to open the database failed.
    Date Book application database is not found. Please invoke the Date Book application on the handheld once and re-synchronize
    - Not Synchronized
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

    Outlook Contacts
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Contacts
    Outlook Tasks
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Tasks
    Outlook Notes
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Notes
    Backup - sync configured to Do Nothing

    HotSync operation completed on 08/23/05 22:18:03
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    I was going to try completely reseting my palm but have not tried it yet
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    Try cleaning up the database using dbScan. Search for links and how-to-use ....
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Absolutely try dbscan...

    I was having a number of strange issues with my Treo last week after I tried installing Butler, and was ready to bang my head against the wall. Finally, someone suggested dbscan to delete corrupt records (which are usually empty). Worked like a charm, and everything's running fine now!

    In addition to running the scan, you may need to -- under "options" run "Remove all deleted records".
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up doing a hard reset to resolve my problem. It wasn't too bad. Here's what I did:

    1) Backed up everything to my PC
    2) Did a hard reset
    3) Restored everything to my handheld
    4) Forced desktop to override handheld for calendar, contacts, etc.

    Appears to be fine now.

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