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    I've gotten to the point where I've decided to investigate options outside the pitiful iCal/AB iSync with my 650. I need the Location field in iCal to sync and want the work/home address fields to work properly on my 650. As I understand it, the choice is with either e2Sync or Entourage-iCal/AB. I still want to use iCal/AB, but I'm willing to use Entourage as my "conduit" to get data onto my 650. I need something seamless. Has anyone had much experience with these two products and can offer advice as to which one is going to work best?
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    Helped a friend setup his Entourage/iCal configuration and he likes it. He investigated the e2Sync but honestly if your going to spend the money on it, the better deal is Missing Sync. MS has an Entourage conduit to sync with iCal/AB along with iPhoto, iTunes integration. Allows you to share your mac's internet connection over the sync cable and mount your SD card on the desktop as a drive. e2Sync just syncs Entourage, that's all. I personally use MS and its WORTH every penny.
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    Missing Sync has an Entourage conduit? I don't see anything about that on their site. I know Microsoft has an Entourage conduit. I'm not convinced that Missing Sync is going to do what I require.
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    Oops, I'm sorry. You are correct. It is a Microsoft conduit which Missing Sync supports.
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    I've tried E2Sync, and had miserable luck. Their software doesn't work, and their support sucks.

    On the other hand, the Sync Scripts from Paul Berkowitz seem to work reasonably well, and he's very responsive. If I had to choose between the two (and I did), I'd go with the sync scripts.

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