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    So I am about to pick up a new audi, with BT and this press release just comes out and I was sooo stoked to see how bad a$$ the compatibility is between the treo and audis is with BT. Than if you notice at the bottom is says GSM treos only, which sucks because I use CDMA (sprint). I called palm and they confirmed this was true but did not explain why the CDMA versions will not have the set up like this in the car, they just suggest I get an unlocked GSM for my Tmobile account, which I use for business, and I use my Sprint Treo for Personal. Sprint has a much better data plan imo ($15 for unlimited). ANy thoughts on this and why it would be GSM only or if CDMA will be capable of these features? thanx

    Here is the PRPRPR:
    Palm + Audi
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    I picked up my A6 about 2 weeks ago. I too have Sprint and I can tell you that my Treo 650 works beautifully with the car. I have all the compatibility features listed in the press release. It's truly amazing how well it works. I saw that press release as well and can't explain why they would say that, but you shouldn't have any problems with your Sprint-branded Treo.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Enjoy!!!

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    sweet, thanx for the relief, I will be pming you soon!

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