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    I have searched through the forums in regards to setting up BT DUN. I have been able to get my T42 with built in BT to connect to Cingular Network. The problem arises when I disconnect and then try to reconnect to the network. I am unable to establish a connection, and the process gets stuck with a small box saying something about "opening port ...". If I uninstall everything and reinstall, it works again until I disconnect. I am wondering if the issue has something to do with my Thinkpad BT driver. I tend to think not, because I can connect fairly reliably with PDANet. Has anyone set up a reliable BT DUN connection with a Thinkpad? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    My Sprint Treo 650 and Thinkpad T42 work perfect through Bluetooth Dun. Call Cingular's tech help line. It should work fine for you.
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    I am having the same trouble w/Inspiron 8600 and bluetooth pdanet connection. Once I disconnect I get the same error message, must uninstall/reinstall pdanet and it works again.

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