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    Does anyone here have an igolf gps? Is it possible to write an application that can access your lat and long programatically? I've seen some posts in here about doing it for a serial port based gps, but no mention of whether it's possible with the igolf which as we know is SD card based.

    I'd like to write an app that can periodically read my lat and long from the igolf, then have my treo transfer my location to a server of mine on the internet. I don't currently own an igolf, but would purchase one the lats and longs are readable by a program that I write.

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    Don't waste your time or money with igolf, they are a basic work out of their garage selling you cheap other mfg's gps sleeves that don't work half the time. Also they have special drivers written so that no other software will work with the units they send out. For 1/2 the price I got a Sysonchip mini BT gps that runs circles around all three of the units that igolf has replace on the one I got ripped off on. It's been almost three months and I still don't have an igolf unit that works. As far as they golf software goes I've found free shareware that does more and works better than their $25.00 software. You're paying $225.00 for a gps unit you can buy direct from the real mfg for about $50.00. To add insult to injury they make you pay return shipping for defective products.
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    Can you post the shareware golf software that you have used.

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