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    Hi Again!

    Seidio sent me another brand new item today. Itís called the AC Power Kit and it plugs into my INNO.Dock. What it does is splits the syncing and charging so that the charging will be faster AND my PC doesnít even have to be on to charge! The kit came with three items: the splitter, a DC-USB Cable, and a travel adaptor for the wall outlet.


    The INNO.Dock CHARGES my 650 from the wall outlet, which is actually faster and the USB still syncs to the computer. This is going to be a permanent fixture on my desk since I donít need to move anymore wires around from charge to sync to adaptor, etc.

    HOWEVER, I noticed that if I donít remember to plug it into the wall outlet, it still charges through the USB port and if I forget at night, I still wonít wake up to a dead battery. Vice Versa as well. If I forget to turn on my computer and itís plugged into the wall outlet, Iíll STILL wake up to a fully charged Treo 650.

    Itís really a pretty cool little kit. Iíve attached a picture for you picture nuts. Iím sure youíve all seen the travel adaptor and the DC Out to USB cable so mainly Iím highlighting the AC Power Splitter.
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    Finally, I can turn off my laptop in the night and still charge my Treo 650 through Innodock with this kit.

    So, the kit includes

    1) Splitter
    2) DC-USB cable
    3) USB travel adaptor

    Is this correct ?
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    Fortunately have a AC powered USB hub that my Innodock is connected to, but this sounds good as well for those that don't
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