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    I just got my 600 today.. I have a friend that has the 650. I was wondering if I can use his synch disk or do I need to use mine?? He has the doc. to go full version and a bunch of games all on one disk. Will that software made for the 650 work on a 600?
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    As far as the Treo 600 software, you need to use the 600 CD. I don't know the answer to whether you can selectively load games from that 650 CD for the 600. I'm sure someone else will chime in.
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    I would use the 600 disk. The software on the install CD for the 650 is meant for the 650. Using it without buying a 650 would be illegal, I would think.
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    Can you beam games from his to yours? Isnt that what its for?
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    Proprietary games and bundled apps like the version of Docs to Go on the 650 are often locked to beaming. I dont know that it wouldn't work to install the 650 version first and then the 600 version afterward. I don't know about the lagal issue on this one and we try and keep all of our software legal! If you own both phones, you may be entitled to load both versions.
    Then again, you could end up with a brick for a Treo. We own several copies of Docs to Go professional and use it enough to justify the expense.

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