What I want to do is simple, I think. I used to do this with my Nokia all the time. I want to keep a union of the data on my home pc in outlook and my work laptop in Notes on my Treo, so the work stuff never goes on the home computer and vice-versa, and my treo has all of it so I never miss any appointments of either kind, have *all* my contacts, etc.

I was syncing fine with my home pc, now I have EasySync 4.2.3 for my work laptop. Easysync demanded that its first sync be a full sync, so it overlaid the home info on the 650. No problem, I just resync'd on the home pc and got it back. But the Notes stuff was then gone. Now syncing with notes (contacts) doesn't put any of it's contacts on the 650, just the home stuff remains. I have them both set up how I think it should work - i.e. one-way, desktop to 650, desktop always wins, etc. I have the Sync to Multiple PCs checked on the home desktop. How the heck do I do this?? Some strange combo of settings or do I need new software??