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    i was sent the beta email, i tested the product and found it to be to much of a hog on the battery. its not worth the $10/month, IMO. picture is good for what it is, but like i said the battery drain is horrible. i watched for 20min and went from a full batt. (99%) to (65%)
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    I think what the non-beta guys are not getting is that they are running MobiTV for the Treo on a test box. You guys get it? Of course it is going to bog down if we start sending the beta file to everybody. So what they are trying to do is to test the service quality with a limited number of users to see how performance would be with more members and how much hardware they might need for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    Hi Sound Guy!

    The beta email said the beta would last about 2 weeks and then revert to a limited channel "promo". . . . .this leads me to believe that they will offer a free trial period to potential customers. . . but that is a guess on my part.

    Cheers, Perry.
    It sounds like with our without a subscription you'll be able to use MobiTV. But when you're not susbscribed all you get is the MobiTV demo channel (maybe on other or something.) Once you subscribe it adds the rest of the lineup.
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    I got 2 emails with offers to email it to me. I took up the first offer and got it emailed to me within 5 minutes. Currently mailbox on here is currently full so I regret to inform you that the sociological study is inaccurate... As I was unable to receive any more message past the first 2! =P

    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Interesting sociological studt: All the guys asking for this have been severly rebuked. Let's see if a princesse gets a different response ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    I guess he doesn't care about that. You're correct.
    He seems to be offended he wasn't given the chance to beta test, Offended no, Irked, yes.
    and now plans to boycott the product because of it. Boycott? No.
    Frustrated to the point of not being interested in the product any longer, yes.

    Your need to be concerned with my opinion, ZERO
    (like I need your adviCe)

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    Have a nice day!

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    WTF people. Stop fighting. Don't have something productive to say then don't post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by techprincesse
    I got 2 emails with offers to email it to me. I took up the first offer and got it emailed to me within 5 minutes. Currently mailbox on here is currently full so I regret to inform you that the sociological study is inaccurate... As I was unable to receive any more message past the first 2! =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLiveSoundGuy
    Have a nice day!
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    Seriously, is there no respect anymore? MobiTV specifically asked for the file not to be distributed. You may be mad because you didn't get the Beta, but is there really a need to go and host it? Can we get a mod to cleanup some of the cr@p posting? Hosting the Beta is no different than piracy, considering the license of the Beta was pretty explicitly stated and restated NUMEROUS times here...
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    Ban that poster who posted that. Mobi TV can't even run a test beta without people doing stuff like that. They even posted here that they dont want people giving it out and still people ask and give it out. There is no respect anymore.
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    they posted the beta is hosted on one box.

    if it leaks it won't work for anyone.

    real smart jacka s s
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    Not to mention that was his first post...
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    Do not publicly ask for someone to send you the program.
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    Don't know if this was mentioned. But, how cool would it be to be able to sign up for the teams you want to watch on Mobitv? I am a pittsburgh fan so ie: Steelers, Pirates and Miami Heat (not it the burgh) and watch ot when ever? That is worth $20 a month IMO.
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    Or any sports package for that matter. But the high motion video of sports would be pretty demanding of the compression, kinda like watching Atari Video Games Maybe MobiTV could offer a higher frame, better video package. That would make sports watchable.
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    Hello blackout restrictions!!!!
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    It's funny to read the post about "please send it to me" and see how many ways they try to get you to send it to them.

    Hell, I found it by just searching on the Internet.
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    Hi guys,

    I think that if I were to pay the $10 for MobiTV it would have to have more channels. I am not a sports nut and the sports channels seem to be overkill (said while dodging footballs, vegetables and wrenches). The only time I ever watch TV is for normal prime time programming and would like to see something of that nature. I'm not sure how the licensing aspect of all this works but it seems that it should be possible.

    I realize that this is just the beta but I have reviewed the available channels on the MobiTV website, most of which are included in their beta for the 650.

    Just my two cents....for what it's worth.

    Take care!
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    LoL. Some people never learn.

    NE way.......I hope everyone got the sound issues fixed. I just reinstalled every file individual from BackupMan. Works great on Tmobile.

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