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    Hi all- just got my Treo 650 yesterday. You guys, and this site, were one of the reasons I chose the Treo.

    First of all, I admit that I am a long time Pocket PC user. I really wanted a PocketPC phone, but lack of features (bluetooth, Edge, etc), and just plain being rather bulky, lead me to the Treo instead.

    I should also admit that I have not read the manual from cover to cover, or rather much at all. Most of my 'learning' has been done on this site and through Google.

    Most of my first night was filled with frustration. My voicemail does not work. At all. I suspect this is a problem with my provider (Cingular) and not my Treo. I am planning on calling them in a few to get it straightened out.

    I am also frusterated with how hard it is to 'uninstall' an application. I have downloaded a trial version of 'Unistall Cleaner', but I really don't think I should have to pay for a 3rd party app to perform uninstalls. There has to be an easier way.

    I had to perform uninstalls because several applications I installed (QuickOffice, etc) have caused my Treo to go into rather nasty resetting 'loops'. Odd. It seems that there are several apps that just dont 'play nice' with one another. I never had this problem on the PocketPC OS.

    I am also dissapointed with how many apps we are 'forced' to have in built in ROM. "Guided Tour' and a few others are really not needed. I should not have to compile a custom ROM to get rid of these applications.

    Another negative was setting up Gmail with VersaMail. After hours of getting ' not found, check your DNS settings' I finally got it to work by simply adding a second email account with the SAME EXACT settings. Weird! I haven't figured that one out yet. Gmail works fine now, I just deleted the duplicate (non-working) account.

    There are also plenty of positives. I have set up PDANet and I find the speed amazing for a bluetooth internet connection. It's not broadband, but it kills what I had with ATTWS and my Nokia 6620.

    The built in Blazer browser actually does a pretty good job, speed wise and rendering/resizing pages. I have also tried another browser but so far I am pretty happy with Blazer.

    While my initial feelings are pretty mixed, I am looking forward to getting to know my little Treo. I think this site is an excellent reference and I am sure I will be coming here often for help and advice.

    I know there are other threads covering this, but anyone have any 'must have' apps or the Treo? Any other sources for tips besides this great site?

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    Voicemail fixed- it was a carrier problem.
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    First post from my Treo. I am really starting to love the little guy. VM and email problems have been fixed, now just wish I had more memory to install more. I did buy a 1gb SD card, but I am finding many apps don't like to be installed there. I think learning an app like ZLauncher will fix that.
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    supershawn - Just so you aren't the only one responding to your own thread , regarding uninstalling applications, what do you dislike about hte builtin uninstall feature? What applications are you thinking have not been completely uninstalled. Uninstall Manager (UM) is probably the best program for application monitoring and removal. I agree that you shouldn't have to pay for something like this, but that's reality with the 650. UM should be the first application you install so it can keep track of all subsequent installations.

    If you re-flash your ROM, what apps are you thinking of putting in the freed space?
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    Try profiles if you haven't. First thing I install on Treo. You don't need the mute button after that.

    Also check out, it makes reading message board alot easier.

    Get a leather case too!

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    Congrats! I'm new to the Treo 650 as well... I've had mine for almost 2 weeks.
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    whatever, are you aware of the mobile version of TreoCentral?
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    Welcom to the Palm world. Some must have apps IMHO:

    - Directory Assistance (Free)
    - FileZ (Free)
    - Openchess (Free)
    - TCMCP (Free)
    - Destaller Lite (Free)
    - Pocket Tunes
    - Verichat
    - Spalsh ID

    A couple other good Treo sites are and

    Enjoy your treo...
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    I think some of your frustration results from trying to do too much too soon. Give it some time, learn to use the phone, then email, then web, etc. And don't install everything you can find.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    I think some of your frustration results from trying to do too much too soon. Give it some time, learn to use the phone, then email, then web, etc. And don't install everything you can find.

    Good luck!
    OK, at first I thought my wife was posting here! She said the same thing!

    I agree, I did try to do too much too soon. I was lurking on this board for a few weeks before I got the Treo, downloading apps and getting tweaks ready. Unfortunately, I was not familiar enough with the PalmOS to do some of the stuff I wanted to. Being a typical "Instructions, who needs instructions?" guy, I dove in headfirst without knowing how deep the water is.

    That being said, day three with my Treo has things in a much better light. I am using it more and more and getting much better at it. And I wouldn't have been able to do it without this site.

    I have accomplished most of the 'musts' I wanted to get out of the Treo: In a pinch internet access on the Treo itself, Bluetooth internet access form my laptop (using PDAnet trial for now, investigating other ways), getting personal email (gmail, etc), and the unexpected bonus of MobiTV (like I had on my old phone). I will have corporate email in 2-3 weeks once my employer rolls from beta to production with their mobile server.

    I have even found some unexpected positives: Did you know this thing is a phone too? (just teasing), the Blazer browser works much better than expected (I am able to get into my online banking), I have found quite a few fun little games to play, I can VNC (PalmVNC) into my home server, shoutcasting music through Pocket Tunes is absolutely awesome, and it looks like I am going to be able to set up VPN into my home VPN (haven't tried yet but have seen several options). I am sure there are lots more features I will find with the suggestions you guys have given me.

    I do still have a few pipedreams (sorry): I'd love to get a newsreader that allows me to connect to school (has to support SSL). I'd also love to have a little more built in memory. I would also love to be able to set up a custom portal (such as for myself complete with properly formatted pages/links/etc (although that should not be too hard to accomplish). And I am sure there will always be more- as with anything.

    I knew when I started this thread that most of you had already been through the growing pains I was encountering. I just thought that some of you might get a kick out of seeing someone else experience a Treo without moving up through the Palm world. Plus, I was hoping to get some points with some of the problems I was having (which I have, thanks a lot!)

    Thanks again for the tips. I will keep you updated as things move along.

    Oh, BTW, does anyone know of a good place to learn to use ZLauncher? Some of the skins you guys have produced are amazing! I especially liked the XP replicas (even though I need to just get over the PocketPC thing and move on).

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    Yea, get over the PPC interface and move on. :-)
    I had the Treo 600 when it first came out and used it for about a year when I found myself needing a good scientific calculator, so I went back to the ppc. Now that I am out of school I am going to get the 650 and save my hp4700 + k750i for weekend fun.
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    I've had the 650 for week. But coming from the 7135 which I loaded the apps on only to get many software conflicts and constant crashes. Take your time, use the basic apps for a few weeks and load new apps slowly so you can see which ones cause problems. Read the manual! Even the manual takes you gradually through the phones features: 1st day, 1st week, 1st 2 weeks, 1st month (this is a well thought out manual) Don't rush putting on apps because many that work on other palm engines may not work well on the Treo. Best to find your reg #'s and do a fresh app download, It's sugg'd that you just don't transfer programs from your old device. I remember how Avantgo created havoc on my 7135, but other posters had no problems. It all depends on which apps you're running on your device.
    Good Luck

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