My Treo 300 was wiped clean in an earlier attempt to hotsynch. Don't know why, but when I tried to hotsynch, I got the dreaded bluescreen on my new computer running Windows XP.
1. The Treo's battery was fully charged, and I had to use a different bus cable just to get the computer to recognize the hardware.
2. So next, I downloaded the new palm desktop with new drivers (Since I couldn't hotsynch, I could not transfer data from the computer to the handheld).
3. After downloading the new desktop version, now the desktop doesn't open at all!
4. Therefore, my Treo 300 handheld is clean of data, and I can't go to my desktop to retrieve data, either.
5. What went wrong?
6. Can I still get my data from the computer, or did the new desktop version overwrite the existing data?
7. I went to system recover on my new Dell computer to a date prior to downloading the new desktop, still no success in opening the treo desk top at all.