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    Hi all,

    I received my unlock code from Cingular a few weeks ago. I have gone through the unlock procedure 5 or 6 times and each time I get a success message. I have tried several TMobile SIM cards in the phone and they all give me an invalid SIM error.

    It was my understanding that once unlocked, a GSM phone should take any other GSM card. Is that not the case?

    I spent an hour on the phone with Cingular and they cannot figure out what is wrong.

    Any suggestions?
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    you didn't get the subsidy unlock code. check out threads here to learn more
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    Cingular assures me that it is the subsidy unlock code. I've talked to them 3 times and they gave me the same code three times. They all asked for my IMEI number too. Here are the instructions they gave me to unlock:


    I get a message that the phone is unlocked but it still won't work with T-Mobile.
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    I used my unlocked Cingular 650 in Europe last June with a SIM from MOBAL. When in the States, it picked up TMobile as the strongest signal. Since I upgraded to firmware 1.31, I get the "your phone cannot be used with this SIM card." message. Please let me know if you make any progress.
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    WSW, what you described did not indicate unlocking. Cingular phones will roam onto T-Mobile if there is no available Cingular or ATTWS tower. Has nothing to do with the subsidy lock.
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    I wonder if people volunteered enough unlock codes, if we could figure out the formula.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by temna
    I wonder if people volunteered enough unlock codes, if we could figure out the formula.....

    Good luck with that. If it's taken this long and no keygen, I'm guessing the smart people don't have time to wrestle it. Guess P1 did a good job protecting the codes.

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